Gillette Super Stainless greens

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    What's the verdict here? Sharp, smooth but only good for 3-4 shaves? Good price point probably?
  1. They are smooth & sharp for me X10 DFS's. YMMV though.
  2. One of my favorite blades. Sharp and smooth plus good audio feedback. I just bought my second batch of 100.

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  3. +1.
  4. Smooth but not Polsilver smooth (then what is?). Closest I've come to BBS on my jawline so far and that includes GSB and Pols...but not Feather, yet.
  5. Good upper tier blade in my opinion. Not the best but no modern blade is the best. The best blades ever were made by Schick from the 1960-late 1980's and they are the Platinum Plus stainless blades. They are the smoothest, sharpest, longest lasting blades ever produced by any company.
    schick plus platinum.jpeg
  6. Probably made in Milford, CT, where I retired from in 2017. Not from Schick though.
  7. I scarfed nearly 600 of them when they ran a batch for limited time and offered a puck of 10 for just 10% extra MRP over 5 blade puck retail price.
    They are no Polsilvers or Blacks for sure but soild performers for 2 BBS and 3rd DFS shaves before they start to tug. I struggle with Voshkhods by 2nd shave itself.
    EDIT: Sorry I was referring to Indian Greens. My Bad.
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  8. Did shave 2 an hour ago. Better than one. VG blade for the money.

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