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Gillette Super Speed any good


Everything appears to be accurate to me. I have one that's similar and they're quite nice razors. That one's on the pricey side but it's a very nice specimen. Good luck.
Thanks for the response. I was just dubious about bidding on the ones with no date as there is no real way to verify their age.
Just as an aside- I have dealt with this seller and his descriptions and assessment of condition was very accurate. He shipped for a fair price and was done quickly.
I just received a 1953 Superspeed from this same seller and it's a dream. My first time trying it out I got a BBS -- I was shocked how smooth it worked.


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This guy is a terrific vendor. The items I purchased so far have been conservatively described and arrived ready to use.

You can date this Superspeed to within a few years ...., The Superspeed came out in 1947, but for the first four years they were uncoded since Gillette didn't start adding date codes until 1951.

The very first Superspeeds were also un-notched - Gillette notched the razor in early 1948, thus making it possible to hook a blade over the centre bar using their then new plastic (cream coloured initially) blade dispenser, and so making loading of the razor even safer.

So this razor therefore dates somewhere between 1948 & 1950.

I've also bought razors from this seller in the past and would thoroughly recommend him as he offers a good service & an honest description. He posted to the UK when I dealt with him, maybe he still will if you ask him beforehand.

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