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Gillette smooth ball-end

Hello. I was wondering if there was a person that was an authority on older safety razor from Gillette. I purchased a Gillette Safety Razor (pocket edition) and i wish to list it on eBay but i have no no clue how to find the year it was made. It was a model sold in Canada. I have posted the picture of the box here but i also put a link to few pictures i have uploaded on my hotmail space. Any clue would be appreciated concerning the year. I am also concerned that the razo could not be the one that came with the box. By trying to do reasearch, it seems most the ones i saw that had a fancy or intricate box, also had a fancy intricate pattern razor. Why such a fancy flowery box and such a classic plain smooth razor inside? Does this make sense? Thank you! Danièle in Québec

Unfortunately, I don't know of a good source for reading the Canadian date codes. So, I can't be of any help with figuring out how old it is. But I do think it is likely that the razor is original to the case. I'm guessing that the bottom of the case is completely plain without a list of patent dates, correct? If so, then the razor is most likely original to the case. The more ornate razors that you've seen go in a very similar case, but those cases have a list of patent dates on the bottom and were made by the American Button Company (ABC) for Gillette. And while I think this razor is probably original to the case, I don't think I've ever seen a razor quite like this one. Most of the razors like this one have some knurling on the ball end. But the ball end on this razor looks entirely smooth.

Anybody else have some thoughts?
Thank you for your answer and observation. Yes you are correct, the underside fo the box is very plain. I had a picture
This is a Canadian only ball end razor I believe. While the case is of the American Button Company type, it was probably made by Gillette in the 1912 to 1918 period. This is a very nice set and includes the shipper box so it is a little more valuable. I have never seen this exact set so I don't know how rare it is or how to put a price on it. But as a collector I would be willing to pay $45 or more if I knew it's rarity. Maybe if Mr Razor comes along he would have a better idea as to it's rarity. He does have this exact razor on his site but it is not part of a set with a case. One thing you should do is turn the comb part over and place it on the cap. You currently are showing it backward. You can also see if there are any trademarks or patent numbers on the other side of the comb.

Hello Mister Razor! Thank you for posting in reply! I was so eager to get your answer on this. I want to point out that on the top of the box if you can read the text it does mention it is for the Canadian market (and i bought it here in Canada). Someone told me those were sold 5 dollars in the US. But i do not believe it is made in Canada. it does not say anywhere "Made in canada". I saw Mull55 has a similar one but i can see on his picture that his says "Made in Canada" on the blade holder. Mine does not, it only has a number on the convex side of the blade holder that has the three holes and it says PC11??79 The two "?" could be 2, 3 or 8 as i only see the top of the number (and it is rounded like these numbers) the bottom part of the number is faded. As for the rest, i see nothing on the stem of the razor and nothing on the concave sides of either blade holders. On the small side of the box alas i can not see the number that was printed. It is too faded. It seems like a long 7 digit number or two serie of 3 numbers and/or letters. I put a picture above that is an underside of the box and you can see the small side in the back ground. It is as good as it can show. Having the box in my hand just now, i can no decipher anything written on that side.
..on my surfing, i read this type of razor often have tinny cracks. I even saw people putting pictures of their cracked razor but i could not see any cracks. One person even called it the customany cracks or proverbial cracks as if it was typical and commun. Where would be the cracks if mine had micro cracks?

Second question, since i plan to try to sell it, i would like to give it a nice shinny/clean look. I am not sure if this is brass or someone here mentionned possibly gold plated. (To me it feels like brass but i sure am not a connaisseur). Is there a method to bring the shine to the box and razor? Or would i be better off leaving it exactly as i found it yesterday and let the prospective buyer do the job as he or she wishes?
and are those the original blades that came along? I put pictures in case it can help find the year On one side it says : Pat Mar 7 1905, Licensed only for original use in Gillette holder. Not to be resharpened.

On the other side it says Gillette Know the world over. NO STROPPING 158 NO HONING
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The Gillette Date code page that I found is here: http://www.safetyrazors.net/gil_ser2.htm

Unfortunatly, I don't think the Canadian edition is contained in this one.

The PC number is the serial that could lead to the production year.

For the cracks, usually the handle cracks if the temperature becomes too warm and then cool off a bit. Brass will expand/retract and cause a crack. If yours isn't crack, it's good!

To clean the razor:
Allo Luc (peut-être parle-tu français?!). Thank you for the info and link. So if i understand correctly, i would actually see with a naked eye the cracks on the handle? I looked on it and inside the thread of the handle and i see nothing. But what got me puzzled is that on different places on the web, people had put pictures of a "so called" cracked handle, but i could not see it even zooming on the pictyre. So i thought maybe it was super microscopic.
Allô Mister Razor! I did go on yourn website yesterday and again this morning, but i saw no blades on your blades page that had this mention "Pat Mar 7 1905" Maybe i overlooked it. But i understand you must talk about the "158" number. I will go check it again! Thank you again! -Danièle (By the way! Congratulation on your site! What a fun website to surf on! What a fascinating collection/passion!) Thank you for sharing it will all!
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