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Gillette Slim settings!

Just wanted some data on what setting you users of the gillette slim shave on!

Anyone went to the full-blast "9"? Just tried 4 recently and I am in love with that setting so far. Haven't got the required pair to try 9 yet as I just started DE shaving about a month ago, but planning on it soon. For those of you who tried, how "aggressive" is it? At 4, with very little pressure I got my FIRST weeper since the first week :closedeye It was with a "shark super chrome". Anyone try setting 9 with a feather?:w00t:
I usually start at 5 and dial it up to 6 or 7 for the 2nd pass and rarely 8 on the third. Haven't needed to go up to 9 yet!
I always use mine between 7-9, mostly 9. At 9 its not that aggressive actually, but gives very good shaves with medium sharp blades using long fewer strokes. Below 7 I cant get a decent shave with it. Its meant to be used at 9 imo.
Some people are just overrating the aggressiveness of slim at 9. An open comb muhle or a futur is much more aggressive razor guys. It has only a slightly noticable bite at 9 which is very nicely balanced imo. But if you are looking for a milder shave, you will have much better succes with an edwin jagger de89(with sharp blades) than a slim at 4-5.
Odd, the slim is smoother at higher numbers. I use mine at 9 and get a close, one pass with touch up, shave. Sharks are my favorite blade.
I use mine around 6 - 7, I usually use Gillette Blacks and that gives me an easy comfy shave, with little to no issues.
Awesome. From what you guys are telling me, a slim on 9 should be a cakewalk.:w00t:

I did read the Wiki on aggressiveness and IIRC, it did say a FUTUR on 3 has around the same blade gap as a slim on 9:scared:...but i was still scared. Shaved on 1 for a few times, after 4 passes it did give me a decent shave but it left some razor burn from the amount of passes + the slight pressure I had to use to get a DFS.:001_unsur
Blade gap is not everything, head design, handle length, razor weight are more important than plain blade gap. futur at 3 shaves more aggressively than slim at 9.
I usually do my first pass at 5, my second at 7, and my third and fourth at 8 and 9 - except for my neck which never goes above 7 or if I feel the need, an 8. I am willing to do an extra pass so I get a smooth shave rather use a more aggressive setting for every pass and risk irritation even though with one less pass. This is the same method (although not the settings) Mantic 59 uses. See http://mantic59.blogspot.com/2010/03/adjustable-razor-sweet-spot.html.

The reason I increase my settings is that the first pass gets the bulk of the stubble without any irritation. The subsequent passes are for more beard reduction and that is accomplished with a higher setting. However, if I get what I want after three passes then I stop.

[FONT=&quot] My neck area is sensitive and so I dial down for that area. Also, if I shave in the a.m. and find I have an evening appointment I dial down shave at a lower number allows me to look presentable without the risk of irritation.

A while ago someone posted in the Razor section about the advantages of a Slim on 9. Since then, I tried it, and have kept mine on 9. That extra blade gap allows you to play with the blade angle and can offer a great shave. Don't get me wrong, with that big a blade gap, this razor can perform very aggressively. So, approach with caution, and perhaps only look to do two passes. But, the Slim and FatBoy offer a great shave at the top setting. They are fine at a 4 or 5, but then I would rather use a less bulky SuperSpeed or 3 piece razor to get the same aggression.
I used my Slim this morning dailed in to #6. I use either #6 or #7 depending on which blade I am using. This morning I was using a Shark.
I used mine this moring with a new Personna red and set to 9. Nice smooth 4 pass shave, WTG, XTG in both directions and finally ATG. Had moderate sting when I hit the AS, but not too bad. Had one little nick from losing concentration briefly. Other than that smooth sailing. Nice shave. I use 9 on all my adjustable Gilettes.
I tried with a 5 on first pass and was getting some 3 nice nicks and burn so I dropped to a 3 and started to work on my technique and ill progress back up seeing the feed back here. Yeah 9 seems a little wild to me, but I don't have a open comb old type to judge how agr. A blade can get
Go ahead and put it on 9. Remember to report back with your results. :lol:
Ok, so I admit I chickened out. This morning I set my slim on 5 for my first pass. Since it was fine, I cranked it up to 7 where I finished the rest of my shave. It gave me another weeper! Oh the humanity... Two weepers in two days! I have to try 7 on another blade since this was a 3 shave old shark. I got a pretty darn good shave with very little skin irritation!
With shark I had the most burn and most blood, the nicest shave for me so far is astra (I've tried Derby, shark, Gillette black, Astra)... Next up is going to be Israeli Reds the features
I go full blast "9" for WTG, ATG, & cleanup now. Needs a very delicate touch. The strange thing about it is I have fairly sensitive skin & that causes LESS irritation! Of course, I'm mostly getting it all off in 2 feather light passes. And yes, I've done it with Feathers too. In fact I have a blind test I'm about to run. There are 2 slims on the sink. One has a Feather, the other a Voskhod. But I don't know which is which! It's gonna be interesting.
I keep mine set at 5 for all 3 passes

I see there are several of us that set and forget.
I use feathers in all my razors.
The slim is set on 5. Takes 3 passes and touchup for bbs. But no irritation whatever.
My theory is that set and forget encourages your technique to get better. That is, you are always trying to get bbs with the fewest passes. If razor and blade stay the same, all the improvement must come better technique.
When I consistently get the bbs, with no irritation, then I think it's time to open the razor up some more. I tried at 6 and 7 recently, but my technique, with a feather, isn't quite ready yet.
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