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Gillette Slim missing red pin

Several years ago, when I switched to a safety razor I purchased several razors from an antique store. I got a Gillette Slim that was like new, but I preferred weight and feel of the beat up Fatboy I bought.

I just got around to recleaning it, and realized the red pin was not dirty... It was missing. Is there a way to replace it without fully taking apart the razor? I know they are relatively cheap to replace, but I think it works be difficult to find one of this good of condition.
Is the slot empty and the dial spins freely?
If yes, the spring is missing, you have to completely break down the razor to replace it.
Fatboy clicker springs are red, the Slim is black. Replacement springs are available but not easy to install. You can use it but there won't be a detent on the numbers.
Thanks. Mine has a black spring. I thought the black was what the red spring rested on
If you can post clear photos, people can more clearly assist you in judging the current situation.
Here are the photos. I believe it must have a black spring


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