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*GILLETTE SLIM/ LATHER BOWL* Newbie PIF - join in by answering this one question...


Today a quick visit to an antique store netted this Gillette Slim. The Captain thought with a few additions it would be the ideal giveaway for those new to B&B. So he dug out a lather bowl, the finest blades to be had - Feather, and samples of aftershave and shaving soap. All you need to get under way is a brush of your choosing.

This is CONUS only please and is restricted to those members who are new to the forum. Let's say your total posts need to be 100 or less to qualify. So how do you have a chance to win this PIF? Simply answer this one question:

What has surprised you about B&B?

That's it. We will let this run several days and then random.org will select the winner from among all qualified entries. Good luck to each of you and hey, welcome to B&B!

~ The Captain
B&B?! What do you mean by B&B?!

PS. Sadly not in: not only have my posts surpassed the 100 mark; but I live in Brazil. My conclusion is: silence is bliss, since I could have provided the address of an American friend.

All jokes aside, this is the essence of what surprises me about B&B: true generosity from the members. Even if generosity doesn't remotely begin to describe this PIF!
No entires yet?! Obviously not in for me either, but this a great PIF. Love my Captain's Choice Lather Bowl and the many soaps/creams/aftershaves I have from him.
Please count me in. The most surprising thing to me, as a newbie, is the generosity. You old timers are used to it but it is really unique and is not just about the PIFs. It’s the generosity of simply allowing for YMMV while sharing your own experience. The general lack of tension even with disagreement. It’s very very refreshing…and it’s costing me way too much in new gear purchases 😅
Well darn. I guess I’m too chatty lol. I already have a Slim but would love to get my hands on the bowl and soaps. All in good time.

I’ll answer anyway. I have been blown away by the kindness and generosity of the membership. People we offering to send me things within days of me introducing myself. I’m spending a lot time reading long posts and having back and forth interactions. It’s so contrary to the more common quick blurbs and superficial interactions of social media. I’ve also only scratched the surface. Im looking forward to checking out some of the other hobbies further down the list. Truly an amazing place.
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