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Gillette Slim Blade Angle

I'm used to shaving with a Merkur 34C. I just got myself a Gillette Slim and I have trouble getting the right blade angle...anybody else having this experience !!!???
My first shave with a Gillette Aristocrat left my face with a lot of irritation and burn. Someone here at the B&B suggested that I raise the handle a little higher, getting it away from the face a little more. It has worked perfectly.

So, for my European razors, I have the handle pointing down more and get it closer to the face. This is particularly true with the DE-89L but not as much with the Merkur slant. For my Gillettes, I now have added a Super Adjustable, I raise the handle higher and get it pointing away from the face more. YMMV but this has worked wonders for me.
It's sort of like dialing in a hand plane for taking light passes on a piece of wood. Start with the blade adjusted to where you aren't cutting any wood and then lower it gradually to where you are cutting the wood. If that makes any sense at all.

Yep, approaching from the shallow side (handle sticking straight out) is almost universally the best approach. It's the same as you would do with a wood chisel, or a straight razor, or any other sharp bladed thing.
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