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Gillette Slim Adjustable Question...

I recently purchased a Gillette Slim Adjustable from eBay and had a question about the adjustability of the razor. In particular, does it matter if the razor doors are open or closed when you adjust the aggressiveness of the razor? I know that may seem like an odd question, but it crossed my mind, so I thought I would ask.

Thank you

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It doesn't matter according to guys who work on them like Captain Murphy. It wouldn't hurt to loosen the knob if you're worried about it though.

If they needed to be open to prevent damage, I'm sure Gillette would have warned in the instructions against changing the setting with the blade clamped down fully.

It's a common question. (not common in the soap forum) :001_huh:
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I'd be willing to bet the fellow who shaved with mine for who knows how many years, gave that no consideration whatsoever. You are in for some truly great shaves. Just remember the extra quarter turn to tighten.


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Zoom in, if your [sic] able to read French or are willing to translate:

So what's it say? I don't read French. That looks like the sheet from a Super Adjustable, no?

Here's the English version
The first paragraph in the right column basically says "Start with a setting of 1 and adjust until you find the right setting for you."
I remember being told to open the doors prior to adjusting setting on a Gillette Slim. Something about prolonging it’s life. Don’t know if it’s true but have always done it. Also on my Fatboy and Black beauty
I had a chance to meet Matt from Razor at Razor Emporium in Phoenix. He was very kind and gave me a tour of his busy shop.

They rebuild and replate vintage razors, so safe to say he’s been in the guts of these.

His response to my query about this was that, yes...you can make your adjustments without opening the TTO, but over time, it could wear the internal components prematurely.

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Brother Korey,

The answer is Yes and No.

In theory it is not necessary to loosen the doors when adjusting a Gillette adjustable razor. When the razor was new it was not necessary.

However, because the razor now is over 50 years old, and it may be gunked up inside, I suggest it's a good practice to loosen the doors when adjusting. It is not so stressful on the innards of the razor.

But if the razor easily adjusts with the doors closed, that suggests good "like new" internal health. I believe it's then ok to do it, like it was when the razor was in new condition.
I've got a like-new Fatboy, and can adjust it freely either way.

But I notice a tad less resistance when adjusting it with the doors loosened a quarter of a turn, and I figure less resistance is good. So I just take the extra two seconds to do that. It can't really hurt, and even if it doesn't help, it's no inconvenience.


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I have only ever adjusted mine in the ready to shave mode. I knew nothing about loosing doors to stop damage. Lucky I don’t use mine everyday but I also never adjust it off setting 3. Any higher causes my face too much grief.

by design the adjuster was a seperate mechanism:

Over time the user manual evolved and the only "no-no"-s according to Gillette were:
  • Not using the final half turn
  • Dropping the razor
  • Knocking the head against objects

In reality, the only component under stress is the bottom spring, but it's designed to be under stress when the razor is locked down.

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