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Gillette Single Ring with no Trademark?

I was given what appears to be a 1921 Single Ring Gillette. It has the NOV.15. Pat on the bottom of the handle and the shaft has a serial number that starts with a P. (I read on Gillette Single ring - http://shaveopedia.com/shaveopedia/Gillette/Modelos/1905%20Gillette%20Single%20ring/Gillette%20Single%20Ring.htm that P1 to P679.777 were part of military sets that were sold on the civilian market.)

What is interesting, is that the head of the razor has nothing on it. I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on this. Do you think it's a replacement head or a razor that just slipped past Quality Control?

Either way, It's a nice little razor.


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Your question had me check my Single Ring for a stamp on the head (which it has), so perhaps your’s is a replacement; or the lack of stamp could have had something to do with it being of military production?
Quite interesting. I'm commenting to bring this thread back to the top to see if any of our Gillette experts can shed more light on this. Thank you for posting!
It is a worn B from 1911, the MiUSA and diamond were added at a later date. Razors from the E-J series were part of the Army
+1 on this. I have a 1910 single ring, no logo or other stamping on the bottom of the plate, and the B stamp on the barrel looks like a P at first glance.
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