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Gillette Silver Blue

I've been shaving with these blades for awhile and really like them.

There are what appears to be "glue spots" on the blades that are used to keep the wrapper on. Do these spots effect the shave? I have read that one shouldn't attempt to clean/wipe a blade because it can dull it.

I don't worry about the spots much. I do usually put the spots facing down though. On some razors, like Gillette TTOs, the wax seems to push the blade down a little if you put the spots facing up.
Most paper wrapped blades have a dab of waxy stuff that holds the blade in place at four points. You can wipe the bulk of it off with a q-tip if you need to. Leaving it alone doesn't affect a thing though. I don't worry about it.
I had two on my GSB I put in yesterday. When I soaked my razor in hot water while prepping for my shave I think it came off. After I was done shaving I noticed it was gone.
I doubt if any one here can really tell the difference between any blade with or without glue spots. If you're a perfectionist, be my guest and remove the spots. In your mind you will have a closer shave.
Be Happy, the fake GSB don't have the glue spots.

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Ordered myself 100 of the GSB yesterday. My favourite blade by far. I also have found that after soaking the blade in hot water that the glue vanishes. Small price to pay for a quality blade in my mind.
I couldn't live without four wax dots on the Silver Blue blades. Those dots do not compromise functionality and sharpness but they are an unmistakable indicator of authenticity for these great blades.

Regarding deposits of transferred wax on the razor: that cleans off as you wipe the razor dry after each shave and only could get disturbing after running through several blades without cleaning the razor. :eek:
I just noticed something as I compared my Gillette Silver Blue to my Gillette Blacks - the GSBs read as Stainless on the blades, whereas the Blacks read as Superior Platinum. Are the Silver Blue blades coated with platinum, or are they just a blade of stainless steel? Thanks for any help you all can give on this matter.
A respectful bump since everyone is back now from the holidays. I'm really interested in the blades, if someone can help out. Thank you.
GSB are my go to blade. They perform great in any razor that I use regardless of how many days of beard growth I have.
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