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Gillette Silver Blue Blades

Anyone else stocking up on Gillette Silver Blue blades recently? My fav for DE shaving. Fearing they’ll be banned from import for the near future.☹️
I recently got 200 more of them. I’ve noticed that they’re becoming harder to find and more expensive recently as well. Used to be able to get bulk lots (200, 500, 1000 blades) on eBay but I’m not seeing those anymore
Dang good blades. Stocked up on Platinums a while back but tempted to get some more. Hopefully the situation fizzles out at some point though. It would be a shame to lose out on great blades.
Yea I got 400 recently with same concerns along with a few Permasharps and Platinums. The price has increased a bit on Amazon for the GSB. These are my go to blade for just about every razor.
I just added 200 to my stock in the hundreds, and now thinking about placing another hoarder, er, order. GSBs have become virtually the only blade I use, with the rare exception being a one-and-done Feather after a couple days off.
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