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Gillette Silver Blue Blade, issue?

So on ebay I ordered some Gillette Silver Blue blades. When I received them the (5) blade boxes on both side were open. Is this an issue? I opened one of the opened (5 blade) boxes and the glue was not gummed on the wrapper either. Would you use? Ask for a replacement?


I woildnt worry about itas long as the blades individual wrapping was okay.
Chances are the machine that glues that side of the boxes was low on adhesive or something dumb like that.
I have the exact same condition with Indian Super-Max Super Platinum blades and Gillette 7 o'clock Super Platinum (blue) blades.

Although the blade packaging is not perfect, the blades are. I am sure that your GSB's are fine.
The wax paper wrapping on some of my Personna blades is loose. They are not bad blades, but I may be looking to swap my remaining stock for some other blades. If I decide to do so, I will post in the correct forum.
The glue has dried out on the box ends and as mentioned is quite common. If the blades are still sealed in their wrappers then shave on.
Based on your pictures, I would not worry at all. I see nothing to suggest the 5-pack was opened (no torn paper marks, no abnormal bends to the pack (yes, even that end end with a triangular bend does not look like hands or something opened it), etc.). I've never had a pack that opened like that, but, the dried-out glue explanation makes a lot of sense to me. And is very consistent with the appearance of the packs themselves.
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