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Gillette Shawmut set?

My two cents worth:

Shawmut it isn't. Shawmut case is different. This is a Pocket Edition Set.
Shawmut has a routed looking case top.... Again, look at the case top on
Mr Razor's site.
It is, however, a very pretty set, and appears to be in great condition.

Bob and Jack
I'm with Bob and Jack on this one, I have a Shawmut and the top is actually a flat panel - no depth.
Is this it?

$1921-28 Old Type Set.jpg
That is a somewhat common art deco case. Not sure it has a specific name. A similar/same case also hosts a NEW in the "low price set".

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Many thanks for the help! Slims, Techs and FB's are more my preference, but when I saw no bids on this one, I had to.

Only two things are for sure: I'm asking the right people, and it shaves *great*.

Please keep answers, speculation and links coming. This isn't easy ...


Ad Astra

The Instigator

It sure looks that way ... and if so, I got a nicer one than Mr.-Razor! (box condition)

With the unused sample blades in the blade safe, I wonder if it was even used ... there were four left. If a vintage blade collector can chime in, it would be great.

Many thanks.

Shaved with it very carefully this morning, with a new Astra SP. Aggressiveness was unknown to me ... but it did a very very nice job! no weepers or razor rash. First OC shave I've liked!

No cracks in the handle? Definitely a keeper, maybe good enough for a spot in the display case....take good care of that one.

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The Instigator
No, no cracks! Wife noticed the color was "it's real gold," over brass I did tell her, but she likes it, and that's rare.

Maybe I shouldn't be using it ... nobody did for 90+ years, apparently, but ... it was meant to be used.


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The Instigator
On close examination, a hairline crack ... so I don't feel bad about using it!

What a great shave again with it. Outstanding, but yeah, it's a tad aggressive ... will keep technique in form.

This style of set was sold under a number of different names, but Beacon seems to have been one of the most common ones. Here's a crop from one of their promo sheets from the '20s:

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