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Gillette & schick

Why did both gillette and schick discontinue de safety razors and opt instead for multiblade razors instead???
Why did both gillette and schick discontinue de safety razors and opt instead for multiblade razors instead???
Because neither of them could work out a way to make constant long-term profits from the automatically self-sharpening SR's that they secretly developed.
Why did both gillette and schick discontinue de safety razors and opt instead for multiblade razors instead???
They made plenty of money selling the DE supplies, but our economic system demands not just revenues, but growth in revenues over time. The companies needed to find a way to bring in more money and the only way to do that was to take business from a competitor and/or sell a more profitable product. So, they created several series of proprietary cartridges and handles that the company could patent and attempt to "lock-in" a new group of consumers. There is a limit to the absurdity at some point, though.

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Have you ever stopped to think why those companies also give out free cartridge razors? Not only do those razors only accept their own cartridges, but cartridges cost more to replace than DE razor blades, which are standardized and fit in pretty much every DE razor.

In other words, it's all about creating a captive market and milking it for all its worth. That said, this is in keeping with King C. Gillette's original idea of making money on selling disposable razor blades to his DE razor customers.
They are not in the business to provide the best products, they are in the business of making a new patent and get as much profit as you can in the shortest period of time that you can.

When said patent expires, come up with a new patent and repeat the process, is the way many, many companies do now a days!
Above replies are correct, though note that both Gillette and Schick have resumed selling metal DE razors in the West.
Same as the nylons for women that didn’t get runs in them. A one time sell. Super expensive multi blade wonders made with chewing gum wrappers & aluminum foil blades that can’t even finish one shave make soooo much more profit. After using a Gillett Sensor twin blade for a wopping half a shave 🪒, then changing cartridges again and finishing up the other half of my face, I vowed to find a better way and never give Gillett another dime!

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There is not a single company not wanting to make money. Gillette is nothing different. They made money by selling blades. When their blade patent ended they had competitors making the same blade and they had to think up other ways to lock in their victims/customers. They are big so they can afford marketing and their brand is well known, so for them it was not difficult to do the change, especially as the cartridges are "safer" (in that way that it is more difficult to accidentally cut oneself) and smaller (you reach better under the nose). Most new shavers never tried the old products but just followed what the commercials told them and almost everyone of the older generations of shavers using DE has died.

Thanks to Internet, old school shaving is growing again.
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