Gillette Rocket flare tip - similar like 50s Super Speed?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Z-2, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Z-2


    This morning I`ve used my Gillette Rocket. I got it for 15 pounds from ebay UK, and was curious how it will goes.

    Some pictures from seller :




    When the razors arrived, I cleaned them carefully. I realized, that Rocket has little problem - losing the handle from base plate. It`s easy to re-crimp with screwdriver so, after that everything looks OK.

    I was in hurry today, and used canned goo. Some people hate it, but it works fine for me. Compared to 50s Super Speed, I think this Rocket shaves almost the same - mild. I am little disappointed, because my beard is tough and prefer more agressive razors. Even my Slim Adjustable on set 4 works better. As blade I used new Dorco Titan.


    What is your opinion? Similar like mine, or maybe some blades can improve the shave?
  2. A sharper blade may get you a better shave. You could try something like a GSB, Nacet or a Feather.
  3. nemo

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    A little different feel in the hand, maybe because of weight or balance, but yeah, shave is very much the same.

    Congrats on the purchase!
  4. ajkel64

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    You have some good razors there, enjoy.
  5. Have a little look underneath that flare tip rocket, what you are looking for is either a II or S or nothing at all (i don't think there are other versions but may be wrong).
    If you have nothing it is one of the milder shavers, I don't really get on much with those.
    The II is more blade exposure (aggressive) and gives a good shave indeed in my experience.
    The S means the head is smaller (from baseplate to top of doors), not tried that one as yet.

    I have recently had a 49 US super speed sent to me but haven't compared it with any British made rockets yet in order to answer your question properly. If no one else responds who has the answer I'll try and do the comparison for you next week. I could probably get my feeler gauges out and give you the different measurements which would be a good place to start.

    Let me know.....
  6. Z-2


    I see "II" under the head :)
  7. II is the Rocket for "normal beards", and has an unpainted flare tip. I is for "light beards" and came on the Blue Tip. III is for "heavy beards" and came on the Red Tip.

    Rocket HD, #58, and Aristocrat #66 all came with the II head.

    Since you're handy enough to re-crimp the head, you can easily make it more aggressive, say like a Red Tip. Grab a beer, some feeler gauges and a butter knife covered with tape and bend the guard down by about 0.005" to increase the gap. That's as far as I ever go, although theoretically, you can open the gap even more.

    I've done this countless times and if you go slowly, it's hard to screw up.
  8. II, S and no marking have the same level of efficiency. II is a normal big head, S a small head (no other variant), no marking is also a small head from the end of the production run.

  9. There's also the oddball A head. Same efficiency, but it's not clear what else has changed.

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