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Gillette Razor Recycling Program/TerraCycle

Has anyone here actually used the Gillette Razor Recycling Program, either by dropping off their blades or by being a drop site themselves? I've explored the B&B forums and someone contacted the program to find out it does accept DE and SE blades (if packed securely), but I haven't seen anyone mention their experience using the recycling program.

Note that I'm not looking to start a broad discussion on the relative merits of recycling versus disposal; I'm just curious about anyone's experience with a recycling program designed for razor blades.
Haven't yet, but very interested if they are willing to take my DE blades. If this works out I can change blades every 3rd shave
Funny, three's my magic number for a blade to last. I don't like to get rid of blades after one or two uses. So far, only Astra SS (blue), Bic, Nacet and Wilkinson Sword (German) have passed that test for me. Wilkinson's too expensive, so it would have to give a couple more shaves to beat the others for value, but it doesn't. Plus it comes in plastic boxes.
I'd love to find a winner that's cheaper than Astra SS, but that's the current leader.


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I have not seen this program out here in Australia yet. I would definitely give it a try if I did. I work in a Supermarket and disposable razor sales still far outway sales of DE razors and blades. Having said that, we have started to see DE razor sales and blades make a small comeback and hopefully the sales of DE razors and blades will increase and we will see an increase of products in the future.
Interesting effort to appear PC!! :ouch1::ouch1::ouch1:
Indeed, a feeble one at that. Their BP was set in motion decades ago, and goes to show again, and again, their reckless approach to the environment we live in. At this point in time, with all of our advancements and understanding, we're still slow to adapt, as there's only one common vector, convenience. Not there yet folks, not there yet.
Gillette is full of it. If they were really concerned about the Planet they would start by getting rid of their disposable razors.
And they'll be full of it for the foreseeable future, as there's no legal or socio-ecological pressure or support. To paraphrase G. Carlin, the Planet is fine but the environment we live in is getting compromised by the day. The moment we wholly realize that we're all in it, maybe, just maybe. Until then, I'll rest aside all of my corporate ESG expectations nonsense.
Gillette is full of it. If they were really concerned about the Planet they would start by getting rid of their disposable razors.
Yeah, I don’t really care about P&G as a company, just curious about this program for my own interest in recycling DE blades.
Here in the UK, TerraCycle has partnered with Gillete for a nationwide recycling scheme and it apparently covers almost all shaving implements. There's more to it...
Email [email protected] with your name and delivery address. We’ll then send you a special freepost envelope, which you can use to send your used razors or blades to be recycled. We encourage you to send a minimum of eight blades, razors and disposable razors from any brand in the UK.
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