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Gillette quiz.

I just took the quiz, and scored 6 out of 10, which they scored as an 'F'.

I thought 60% was a respectable score for pure guesswork.
Thanks John, I only got 4 so I was reluctant to share my results but you've made it all better now:biggrin: Still, some of the questions were quite taxing, given their modern day business practices, who would've known that the political leaning's of their founder were so contrary to today's CEO's?
I actually knew the answer to the one I got right, the rest were guesses. I thought anyone that named his child King wouldn't think twice about Champion as his middle name
I scored 3... but they were mostly at random... I thoroughly read the 1st question and answers but the remain questions and their answers were not read (I was talking to SWMBO and clicking "answers" at random as I did so)...
Being a native cheese head, another fact about our old friend K C Gillette is that he's from Fond du Lac. How many of you have even the foggiest idea where that is? Good things come from Wisconsin - Go Pack!!
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