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Gillette Pure - First Shave

For many years I used shaving cream in a tube, primarily the old Williams Shaving Cream. Occasionally I also used tubs of cream, but over the past several years I've mostly used hard soaps. For travel, however, the tubes of cream are more convenient, and I'll be off on a 15-20 day road trip, so I wanted to pick up a tube for the trip. I had heard about the Gillette Pure cream and when I saw it at the local Safeway for $6 or $7, I figured I might as well give it a try. So this morning I squeezed a bit on my Full Moon Synthetic brush and lathered away. Sometimes I use a bowl, but I wanted to simulate what I'd do when traveling, so this was a face lather shave. The cream whipped up into a nice thick lather in just a few seconds, and I had more than enough for my two pass plus touch-up shave. I'm guessing that I squeezed about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of soap onto the brush. The scent is sort of generic shaving soap, but there is a trace of menthol that you can feel on your face. Not so much that you smell it, and certainly not so much that it stings your eyes (yes, I've used soaps that are so mentholated, I couldn't see what I was shaving).

The results of the shave were excellent. I use a post shave balm, so it's hard for me to say for sure how moisturizing this cream it, but it certainly did not feel as if it was drying out my skin. All in all I was quite impressed with the shaving cream. My only reservation about taking it on my trip is that the tube has a flip top, not a screw on top. At home, that makes no difference to me, but when traveling the flip top caps can sometimes flip when you would rather they didn't.
Good cream. I gave mine away, as I can find tubes of Proraso at TJ Maxx for around $5. I have the Red, Green, Blue and White. :biggrin1:
My experience as well. For $7ish its pretty good, maybe even a downright steal considering how much you get. It won't match your favourite products but then its not trying to. Personally, I'd rather take a brushless cream or gel over GPure though. King of Shaves etc. Same size tube but don't have to worry about a brush etc and there's no menthol and I like the scent more. After using it everyday for a few months....your opinion will change slightly. But again, its too inexpensive to complain honestly.


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It is a great shaving cream. I used it today after 32 shaves with Arko. It smells great and it does whip up into a very good lather. I have it in the cans as well but I am yet to try it from the can.
It is a great shaving cream. I used it today after 32 shaves with Arko. It smells great and it does whip up into a very good lather. I have it in the cans as well but I am yet to try it from the can.
I love the cream in the tube, but I'd say you can skip the canned gel. It's decent and smells good, but I wouldn't rush out to buy it again. I've had a heck of a time finding the cream locally, though, My usual sources have been out for the last month or so and have no idea if or when they will get more in.
In the past, Gillette have discontinued tubed creams - India used the same formula as Gillette Pure.

Gillette have never discontinued tubed cream. Whilst it is is true they have at times dropped the product from some markets (eg USA, UK) they have always been marketing it somewhere in the world.

And, yes, Gillette Pure is essentially the same product as their Indian tubed shave cream - but it was sold in India quite some time before the Pure brand was launched in the USA. In fact this formulation (developed to remove the boric acid) saw its first manufacture and sales in India.
I like it well enough but it suffers when compared to some of my favorite scented products. The actual shave performance is outstanding. Easy to lather, slick, and just a hint of mint cooling.

However in the inexpensive cream category the Old Spice and Arkos in my collection hammer it for scent. Pure does however win points for being locally available in brick and mortar locations.
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