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Gillette prison razor?

I saw a post some time ago (not on B&B but I dont remember where) about a Gillette prison model safety razor. It required some type of key to open to remove the blade. I have not seen any pictures or been able to find much information about these. I'm sure there is not much interest since it would be a hassle to use. However, since I am in the business of tracking down the wretched and revoking freedom I thought it may be a cool addition to the collection. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
A couple months ago there was a set of the prison Gillette razors with a key on Ebay. They were NIB. They look like a Superspeed but instead of a knob on the end you insert a key like one used to wind a old clock. Needless to say they didn't want the Convicts removing the blades. You might try an advanced search on Ebau for completed auctions.
These razors are special Gillette Techs (known as Psycho's in the trade) where the blade is locked-in. Used in mental institutions, prisons etc. where self-harm and a razors weapon potential could be a problem.

They are quite rare but they do turn-up occassionally. I was offered a pair with a key a year or so ago, but I didn't take it up because I'm not a Tech fan. A couple of weeks later I had a chance to purchase a key, I checked back with the guy who had two razors but he'd sold them ..., damn it, they would have made a nice pair of ladies razor with the blade locked in ..., my wife is paranoid about children being able to get the blade.

The thing with these razors is that they only supplied one key with each ten razors.



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I can get you one cheap. All you have do do is bump off my annoying neighbor.:001_rolle
castlecraver said:
Interesting... if an eBay seller can improvise a key, you'd surely expect a resourceful prision inmate to be able to.

That's a very good point. Probably why they are not around anymore.

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