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Gillette Platinum Plus Hierarchy

I know there are a number of variations on the GP+ blades.
There are the ones in the blue packages and then the ones in silver/black
of which Ive seen a number that are made in Brazil mostly. (For the purposes
of this thread, I don't want to involve the GP+ blades in the all-white packs,
and other fringe versions made in other countries like Spain, France etc.)

These date back to 1969-1971 and seem to get decent reviews:


These are also dated 1971 on Mr.Razor's site and have familiar silver/black
colour scheme but different to the Brazil ones as they are marked as USA made.



Read quite a few glowing reviews about the blue pack blades and also the silver/black
Brazil blades...any one used the USA-made blades in the above 2 pictures....please
share impressions if you can.
is there a single blade in those tucks? gillette :facep:although nowadays they sell 10 kcg blades in a box that would fit 100 :)
There are a few of on here that use these USA blades, along with other vintage blades. I think it is objective to say that Gillette went with smoother rather than sharp with these, compared to other blades of the era. I initially didn't like them compared to the Wilkinson Swords that I usually use, but with an aggressive razor they are great. I don't believe that they are as sharp as a modern Platinum, like the blue box successor to the Swedes. I almost want to say that they are closer to a Silver Blue, but I have heard comparison to actually sharp batches of Astra SPs. After finally finding a sharp batch, I am kind of coming around to this. The main thing is vintage blades were made better, they were an expensive item back then. You can get many shaves from one of these blades, probably at least a weeks worth. I can usually find them within a buck each, or I don't buy. Still too pricey for most to justify.
Re: the blades in the grey/black tucks

Have you compared the USA-made ones with the newer packs of Brazilian domicile?

PS. I'm a yuuuuge fan of the ink-stamped Platinums that come in the white box with
dark blue borders...they are sharp yet mellow...good chance I may like these USA made
vintage blades then.
I have the Brazilian ones, but haven’t used one in a while. I would say they are sharper than the the vintage blue and white ones. They are probably comparable to the platinums that you like, at least sharpness anyway.
I have Argentinian PP and some USA both made in the 70s and prefer the Argentinian ones ever so slightly but both great. Some call them harsh but I don't find it to be true for me personally. They are in my top 5 for vintage blades fairly sharp, very smooth and get decent longevity.
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