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Gillette Platinum 'Arabics'. Dark Blue Box. Info On Blade Performance, Characteristics?

Hello Colleagues

Last night bought 50 Gillette Platinum's for £7.60 or $9.90. They are in the older type dark blue box. They have Arabic writing on the top right hand corner of the boxes. I suspect that is 'Gillette Platinum' in Arabic.

Does anybody have experience using these? What are they like, performance wise? I get on very well with IP's and Crystals, I have quite a forgiving skin type and average/wiry growth.

This is my first experience with the Gillette Platinum family. From checking out the threads it appears there is no standalone thread discussing these, although there are nuggets of info buried in other threads.

Any thoughts?
Oh boy, those are supposedly a more premium offering. There is some discussion on one of the Eye Test posts by @South Dakota Guy. I bought the light blue box "Swedes" because the cost is better in US vs the ones you got. They should be close in performance to each other. Some people still prefer the standard Platinums, it's a minor difference. You won't have any surprises compared to Crystals.
I have both the regular dark blue platinums and the ones with Arabic writing. While very similar, they are different blades with different UPC’s. To the extent that I can tell, the Arabic ones are a little sharper and deliver a better shave, and they both suit me better than the light blue platinums which seem much thinner, though I haven’t taken a micrometer to them.
I gave up trying to figure out Gillette Platinum blades, but that price seems low compared with "other" Gillette Platinums sold today. I may have had some with Arabic on the box, but I can't find any in my current blade stash. I did like the Platinums I got with a Gillette Heritage, and ordered more, but since then switched to "Swedes", which run about $20 for 50 blades.
I don’t think that they are any different than the dark blue without the Arabic writing. The different UPCs is likely just because they are exported to a different region.
I believe there is a difference between the light blue and dark blue white, grey platinum. But I believe any in a dark blue, white, grey platinum box despite presentation, ink, or laser etching are all the same.
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