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Gillette Old Type - Help me pinpoint the date of this

Dear fellow RADee's,

I just stumbled upon this razor and I'm quite intrigued by it; especially because it looks like an almost complete set in rather good condition. That would be my second Gillette Vintage OC (I've got a 1939 Gillette Popular on the way) and I am not sure if I should get this Old Type.

From what I could research on mr-razor these sets were made between 1906-1910.

What do you think? Will the shave differ from the Popular? If yes how much - or would it be a redundant buy? Should I give in to RAD (it would be my first 100+ years old razor)?

Just don't tell my wife that I've got yet another razor on my radar!


GilletteOldTypeCase.jpeg GilletteOldTypeContents.jpeg
That is one beautiful BRITISH Script Case Gillette.
Very hard to find these....

A single ring old type, my one and only most favorite razor! Yes it will shave differently from the popular. I've never found another razor I like better! But, of course, YMMV! :)

To date it you can look for a serial number by unscrewing the bottom part of the handle and take it out, if there is one it'll be printed on the shaft. They did make some of these later than 1910, but not much later, and that case is an earlier design I think. Note that the plating is silver, hence the black head. Google the aluminum foil and baking soda trick for restoring silver plating, this works well without rubbing it off.
I love my two single rings, the first time I shaved with one I wasn't thrilled with it. My technique wasn't very good so I put it down for almost a year until my technique improved, now its in my weekly rotation. My opinion pull the trigger and pick it up.
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