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Gillette Old Cigarette Set

I saw a cigarette set in a local antique store. Case is leather looking and has brass (?) straps to hold cigarettes. Case opens and closes properly and appears to be in decent shape for its age. There is a gold tone old that needs cleaning. No apparent cracks but I could not see too closely. There is a pamphlet explaining that the case is designed to be a cigarette case. There is another Old head in the case that has a lot of green and crud on it but would likely clean up okay. Price is $28.00. I don't have an Old and am tempted topick it up just to get the razor and see if I can do anything with the case. I think it should have a blade holder. Any thought on how this price would fit? Other than cleaning, what is there is in good shape.
I would suggest offering him $15.00 for it and see if he takes it. The reason is that maybe the function of using it for cigarettes is no longer a value point as I know of only one person who actually uses a cigarette case (because I gave it to her many years ago as a bachelor when we were dating).

Hope that helps.

Thanks much. I will be keeping an eye out for the blade holder and tray for the razor. Looking forward to trying the old. I love the New and the comparison will be fun.
That is an excellent find! BTW, if it were to be used as a cigarette case, is it for short cigarettes such as non-filter Camel and Lucky Strike, or for longer cigarettes such as Chesterfield King?

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