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Gillette New Improved variations

Are there differences in the early and late versions of the New Improved razors?
I think I read somewhere that the early versions were more aggressive and less
smooth than the later versions and the later versions shaved more along the lines
of the New DeLuxes. True or false?
I have only the early version and I've been really curious about the other version. At some point I will buy one for the sake of trying and also because the NI is shavewise probably my favourite vintage Gillette razor.
I have a 1922 new improved and by God it's aggressive on the noggin lol.it definitely feels more aggressive than my thin cap old type.after my 1st head shave I'm too scared to try it again😅.it's a beautiful razor so I'll keep it..maybe paired with feather blades,it might be too much.i might try an Astra in it
I don’t find the NI at all aggressive. It is highly effective yes, but I think it’s a smooth and comfortable razor.

I was finally able to find this picture while looking around the many folders I have with pictures of razors and other shaving products. Here you can see the differences between the early and the late model.

I have a Tuckaway model of the first version and I've found a 2 piece version of the late with a small crack on the handle. I wish I was able to find the Tuckaway model of the late version as well, since I can use a better handle, but I guess I will have to see how this one performs and if it's better than the first NI version, then I will definitely try to find one.

From left to right: The late version and the later version.

Mine is from 1924 which i found out with the help of @Medivh - as he lines out that the baseplate differs in width between the earlier and later version. Mine is the 15.5mm version.

As I said before amazing shaver. Gave it some TLC yesterday with some buffing with a micro towel.


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