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Gillette New I.D.


Picked up this OC New, but cant locate any info on Mr. Razor’s site. It’s a thin handle that weighs about 47 grams so it looks like the sets on that site, but I dont see any with the ‘ImporteDAngleterre’ imprint. Baseplate and handle are in real good shape, but top of cap has quite a bit of fleabite. Either way, closest Im coming to a Hybrid Tech if I switch out handles. Curious if anyone has any info. Thanks.

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That‘s a British RFB New with thin handle. It’s likely from a 1945 #77 set. It could just be a French version of a #77. Fantastic score, my friend!
Thanks. Shaves great, but i swap it out with a Fat Type Handle. Thats what I was thinking with the 77 set, but only saw the them stamped ‘Made in England’ as opposed to ‘ImporteD…’.

I guess this just would of been for the French market.
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