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Gillette Minora, your thoughts?

I just came across these on italianbarber. I’ve been at this for a while but these are new to me. I’ve tried many of the popular PPI blades and I find most of them to be great, Nacets especially. Please share your experience, how do these compare with other PPI blades?
I tried them but didnt think they were that great. They didnt seem that smooth to me. Nacet and other Gillette blades seemed better. I had higher expectations for these blades.
I like it. Very smooth. Sharpness is good, but not too sharp. That makes it a forgiving blade.
Since I like aggressive razors, this Minora is used in those razors that need to be used extra carefully when there is a high risk of cuts.
The Minora Stainless is one of my top favorites. I loaded a fresh one yesterday, matter of fact. Smooth and consistent for 5 shaves. I usually toss a blade after 5 regardless, so haven't pushed the longevity limits I suppose. They are sharp but not Nacet sharp. Reminds me more of the 7 O'clock SharpEdge yellows. The smoothness is the draw for me. I consider my 60yr old whiskers normal, not super coarse nor fine but my skin at this age is fairly sensitive. Personally, I've stocked up about 400 since they came on my radar. I should snag another 100. 😆
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The Minora Platinum is a nice blade - similar to a Gillette Platinum and possibly the same blade. I haven't seen any in ages.
Which Platinum: dark blue or light blue?

Sometimes I think Gillette is having a good laugh and just putting the same blades in different wrappers to see what we all have to say.

Btw, do Minoras come with a stick of bubble gum?
Recently I was given a Minora Platinum and it was a very nice blade, smooth and sharp. I got a regular amount of shaves from it, but they were nice shaves.
As much as I like (really like) the Nacet, they honestly are not a top blade in my daily R89.
The SS Minora performs in that razor like the Nacet does to me in an R41 or SB90 - brilliantly
I bought a bunch of Minora Stainless at a good price. I remember the first couple being just "eh, ok" but I don't remember which razors I used them in.

Recently I put one in a Ming Shi Futur clone and wow it shined! I had several excellent shaves and actually tossed it before it was done, just to move on to participate in a PIF.

So it really does seem to depend on the razor as far as how a blade performs.
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