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Gillette mini?

Bit of shopping today and came across this Gillette, somewhat butterscotchy, mini. I've never seen one before so does anyone have any info about them? I had to have it because I thought it was somewhat unique ( what do I know?) and you have to admit,, it's kinda cute? What does it want to be when it grows up?
I also grabbed a Staffordshire mug with matching ceramic brush. Don't think it's all that old but I liked the idea of the ceramic brush. Knot is still very soft.


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Yeah, me too. By the way it measures 16.5 - 17 mm depending where you take the measurement. Don't think I'll be using it daily though.
Oh , no. I've got several of them in the cases and are complete. This one is just a razor, British maybe . It'll go nice with a silver shaving stand I have. I was just posting the brush on this forum.
Thanks guys,
Yeah, I figured it was part of a travel set but I simply never came across one or saw one in any collection. Even Mr Razors!
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