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Gillette Milord & Tech Razors

I recently purchased 2 razors from a local antique dealer.

The first is a near mint, silver, Gillette Tech. The finish is still in remarkable condition and the razor looks as though it has hardly been used (if at all). There are no signs of rust, and it came without a case. There are a few small (miniscule) nicks on the top of the razor head; however, these do not detract from the overall appeal / presentation of the razor nor do they interfere with the razors function.


The other is an even mintier gold, Gillette Milord in its original case. Neither the razor nor the case show any signs of wear (inside or out) and are accompanied by a quantity of Gillette Blue Blades in their original dispenser. The razor's finish remains lusturous and the 'silo doors' open and close smoothly and without effort.



As I mentioned, both razors are in remarkable condition and I hate to consider parting with them; however, the greater powers that be (my wife) insists that I relegate my collection of razors to simply one.

My questions are:

Do these razors hold any appeal on the general market? Are these in demand? What would a reasonable selling price be?

I am new to the DE world and have yet to embark on my maiden shave. This I hope to do shortly; however, I am still pondering which of my razors to use.

Thanks for your help!

- Ken -
If I had to chose only - I would keep the Milord, classic great shaver and purtty too.
The tech is the most underrated razor - sweet and simple very stable blade platform no moving parts and can be had for as little as 1.00 on ebay.The head is so slim and easy to get into tight spots, I use one every day under my nose,I sometimes forget to put it down and pick up my '59 fatboy my dad bought me. I get a great shave with the tech with a feather blade.
Good luck with your choice, if it helps you can say "honey its only worth a buck or two!

Wow... almost $200.00 USD for a razor. That's crazy, especially since I picked up mine for a mere $12.00 CDN. :001_smile I'll have to seriously consider the future of this razor.

I didn't figure the Tech would be in too much demand, but (again) for only $4.00 CDN... I couldn't resist.

Maybe I can still convince the wife to let me keep all my toys! :blush:

Now... if only I could decide which to shave with first.

- Ken -

Thanks for the advice re: which DE to use for my initial shave. Actually, I was considering purchasing a Merkur HD, but found so many other deals at local antique stores that it's been difficult to justify that purchase.

I had originally acquired a '54 Superspeed (with the flared end) off eBay and planned for it to be my learning tool; however, I believe I have now settled on the Tech.

Unfortunately, however, after shipping and customs fees the SS ended up costing me roughly $45.00 CDN -- about 2x my final bid and 10x the price of my Tech. :eek: <sigh>... Hopefully I can convice my wife to let me keep the SS around until I grow into it.

I have also vowed never to purchase another DE off eBay, as the final cost is way too unpredictable.

- Ken -
Its time take the plunge and just do it.

You have 3 great razors.
The tech will be a great razor to start, it is the man behind the razor more than the razor thats important, so when can we expect to hear about your first DE shave?


Today's the day!!!!!! :w00t:
I've decided to give the Tech a whirl, and will report back this afternoon.

- Ken -
Can't comment on the Tech - seems like the people who know more confirm that it will give you a great shave, and be a great starter. The Milord, though, should be excellent too. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that this is exactly the same as the 40s SS (except gold, of course), which is generally considered one of the very top choices for a beginner's (or expert's) razor. I have found it to shave really well, as a newbie.

Frankly, I think your wife must be persuaded that having a couple or three razors is ok....

I agree. I'll have to try my best to persuade SWMBO that a 'small' collection of DE's is not a bad thing. I believe you are also correct in describing the Milord as a gold 40's SS; I think I read that in a few other comments on this forum or over on SMF. Of course, since it's in such great condition -- I'd almost hate to use it... ... ...almost!!!! :devil:

More than likely, however, the Milord will be posted on eBay this weekend to help pay for my other DE's! :crying:

On second thought, as everyone here has been so helpful, I may consider posting it for sale on this forum first.

- Ken -
Yep, it is true that you could get a bunch of stuff with the money you could make selling that razor, including an equally good shaving SS for about $15 (and that is buying a pretty nice clean shiny one). But then, there is a lot to be said for using a razor that you enjoy picking up and looking at every day. The SS just didn't do it for me there. I now use a #66 and am much happier, even though the shave is the same. In other words, if you really love the Milord - keep it anyway. Personally, though, that Tech is a really nice looking razor. I would prefer it to the Milord (don't like dinky little handles, and gold doesn't do much for me).
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