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Gillette Men's Magic Razor?

I stumbled across this at the usual internet auction site.

Anyone used one of these before? Package says Gillette so unless it's a ripoff of the name, I GUESS it's Gillette as we know it?! No idea but asking the greater forum.

I remember seeing this a while back. It is a compact cartridge razor. the head comes out from the canister and then tilts 90 degrees and you slide on a cartridge. Seems more bulk than it is worth especially with the disposable razors these days.
At the bottom of the package it says GILLETTE (Shanghai) , whatever that might be.


According to Bloomberg, Gillette Shanghai is, “a private company...” Hmm!

So it may not be the Gillette we are most familiar with.
Sounds like this could be yet another example of China ripping off the name recognition of an American company. This is why I won’t buy Chinese stuff....at least knowingly.
Gillette Shanghai's main importer is Procter and Gamble, ie they provide legit Gillette branded product as do Gillette's Indian and Russian joint ventures. The Shanghai company was established in 1992 as joint venture between Gillette and Shanghai Razor Blade Co. with Gillette retaining a 70% interest.
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This razor was designed by Taiwanese Lung-Wu Yen in the 1990s and has patents in many countries; it won the silver medal at the 1992 Nuremberg Invention Exhibition in Germany.

US pantent 5009004A
US5009004A - Foldable razor assembly - Google Patents - https://patents.google.com/patent/US5009004A/en?inventor=Hsu+S.+Wei

The razor was originally sold under the name "WATT MAGIC RAZOR", but it will also be renamed as Avon, Gillette, Sorone... and many other brands for marketing purposes.

It is a pity that the inventor's company has been dissolved many years ago, so what is currently on the market is mainly the previous inventory, and there is not much left.
As for the Shanghai Gillette Company, as The Gentleman said, it is the real Gillette branch, responsible for manufacturing and marketing in many parts of Asia; the DE blades it manufactures include "Super Blue" and "Super Thin".
I picked up some of this type of razor many years ago and gave them out as gifts. Most people thought the mechanism was cute but I don't think anyone went out looking for more for themselves.
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