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Gillette Lather Shave Cream

Hi, guys. First-time poster, long-time lurker. Does anybody know where I can get Gillette Shaving Cream in a tube? A while ago, I saw a picture on this site that showed two tubes of Gillette. One was Lemon-Lime, and the other one was Menthol. The boxes had another language on them in addition to English, that looked like Arabic. If you know of a website where I can get these, that'd be great. Thanks!
I believe it was discontinued in the U.S. I used to buy it Walgreen's whenever I needed a tube for traveling, and one time it just was not to be found. Clerk at the store said it was discontinued, and Walgreen's had replaced it with Palmolive in a tube. This was probably something like 8 years ago!
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