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Gillette is coming to save me from... Gillette?

An article I found about the Gillette Guard razor states:

"Today, nearly one billion men are shaving using technology invented by King C. Gillette more than 100 years ago, double-edge razors, because there is no better affordable alternative – until now. Many of these men shave without running water while balancing a hand-held mirror, an intense, tedious and time-consuming process that can easily result in nicks and cuts.
Recognizing an opportunity to improve the lives of these consumers."


Since I enjoy shaving with a DE, something must be wrong with me. And most of B&B for that matter! Welcome to the asylum!
Compared to my DE-89L or my Muhle R41 or any of my DE razors for that matter, that thing is plug ugly!
Hmm...P&G is trying to convert DE shavers in third world countries to "better" shaving gear...but buys out Art of Shaving...that largely serves the "Luxury" DE shaving enthusiasts here in the US ? You gotta love marketing. ..
They're trying to get them hooked on a system that uses a proprietary replacement cartridge. What a surprise!

Having said that, the Guard is a really nice cartridge razor. Smooth as silk shave, easy as pie, no irritation. I have one that I use as my travel razor. My 20-year-old son uses the Guard exclusively. I think the Guard is a beter cartridge razor than anything Gillette is currently selling in the United States.
That ends any speculation that P&G Gillette is going to ever consider returning to DE razors.
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Thanks for sharing that.............yah like a modern take on the injector, I like the open look of it for easy rinsing.......... But I'm not going to support filling up the landfills with the extra plastic.

Quote :
"A.. snip..team
spent thousands of hours with consumers.. snip..understand their specific
shaving needs. We learned they valued safety, easeof-
use and affordability.. snip.."


Someone should warn them that is how it started over here. Their children and grandchildren will be left with no alternative in the marketplace other than a fusion like shaving devise if they all jump on the "new" cartridge bandwagon. History sure does repeat itself.
They are actually not too shabby. I picked up a couple from wcs, and they aren't too bad for carry on only travel. I actually like them more than the disposable bic I have been travelling with as of late.
It's kind of injector-like, except it's also kind of like an open comb. The whole thing sits flat on your face and the blade is set at a very mild angle/blade exposure. Long story short, it's comfortable and easy, but it does NOT provide the absolute closest of shaves. A second pass doesn't improve it much, because it's built specifically to be a mild shaver and not cut or irritate. The pivot is completely free; there's no resistance to pivoting at all. That takes a bit of getting used to, but it works pretty well.

they are available at www.westcoastshaving.com, among other places.


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What a great article!! I am officially going to stop worrying about manufacturers ceasing manufacturing DE blades. I thought it was a small segment of shavers use DE blades - but a Billion!

far out!

A campaign for the support of profit. Make those who do it differently feel like outsiders! Gooble gobble one of us, one of us.
That was a shot at us DE shavers. We all use hand held mirrors, and our techniques are so bad that we get multiple nicks and cuts. And we are all low income consumers. Forget those tools at Gillette.
"From these insights, the team developed Gillette Guard from a clean sheet of paper..."
Man that's some impressive origami.
An example of QUALITY coming back to bite a company's butt. Old DE razors were made so well but I guess they never imagined men being able to use one device/handle for a hundred years. Then those mens kids pulling the out of closets and attics decades later business model nightmare. I still think they could reissue these razors. Say one per year. Made with similar quality materials and priced accordingly.
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