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Gillette Guard

It is a bit like an open comb design. I knocked down a good 5 or so days of growth with it the other day since I was in a hurry to get out the door and I can shave way faster with that than I can a straight, and it handled that without any issue. As was said, shorter passes, rinse often.. I did my usual and fully lathered up a second time to really finish it off, but I was socially acceptable shaved after the first one.
I used the Guard for years that way, the way Indians often do for whom this razor was designed, shaving only a few times a week. It's actually better than any other cartridge for that, or even a DE. Very easy to clean off, doesn't clog, etc. I'd shave on Sundays for church and have a few days growth, and it was ideal.
The Guard is a DOC type razor, like Razorock's SLOC, but in a pivoting cartridge format. I've used it on three day old stubble without any problems. I suspect it can handle up to a week of growth.
One reviewer used one for 130 shaves.
Member from India here. Found out about the guard from B&B a few years ago but had no luck getting one here locally. Finally picked one up about 6 months ago and I’ve been very impressed. A cartridge lasts me about a month ( I shave every other day) or 13-15 shaves.
If the Guard had been available two or three decades ago, I might never have needed to get into DE shaving.
Many people have said the same thing. It's been spoken of how Gillette tries to keep this system a secret outside of the Indian market due to fear of it killing sales of the mach 3, fusion, and now skinguard lines however most of those customers will remain loyal to those products (or types of products if they switch to a competitor such as Schick or Harry's) so really all it would do is to help combat sales of products that are combating sales of the above product lines. Enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of scenario except the enemy is actually your long lost cousin from overseas lol.