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Gillette "French" blades

In France (25 years ago) I found some Gillette "French style" blades, alongside the Gillette Bleue Extra blades that we all know.
You can see them in the yellow box in the picture.
The picture also shows a bowl of french Monsavon shave soap from 1980, an interesting italian CEM plastic razor from circa 1955 and my old Koh-I-Noor brush.
The Monsavon can still be found easily in France: it now comes in a white bowl, supposedly contains "milk" and it has a very pleasant citrus scent. Costs under 2 Euros and gives a very good shave.
I don't know if Gillette still makes "French Style" blades (I could not see any difference, when I tried them 25 years ago)... If anyone can shed light on what made these blades "French style", I would appreciate it!

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