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Gillette Foam shaving with a Straight Razor

If you don't shake it that much and use the "runny" stuff....it will be much better....slicker.
I have never used it w a straight.....just DE and it works just fine.....I use AS splash and balm.
Works with carts, too.

Now gel.....I don't like those. But interestingly Nivea Gel....I had one can I didn't like it....sticky stuff but kept it......well that one lathers with a brush in a bowl......it is worth the effort (no).
This thread is shaving blasphemy - the only uses for canned goo is either as antifog for the bathroom mirror or sprayed into an aluminium pan to make a prank pie to throw into someone's face....

And the truth shall set you free.... 😁
The rinsing off of the lather residue still felt like trying to rinse off used sump oil. This shave, I decided to was it off with Pears Transparent (India). That worked.

I've used all the major brands of canned foam (not gel) and if nothing else the single thing they all excel at is ease of rinsing where they are absolutely superior to any soap I've used.

The oily feeling is also something I've never experienced or even heard others talk about, most feel that these products leave the skin on the dry side due to the synthetic detergents used.
Nivea shaving foam/gel is slightly superior to Gillette gel/foam, propane and isobutane are used in shaving foam or gel. Glycerin in shaving foam helps to hold moisture on the skin. Nivea shaving foam is more skin-caring than Gillette foam.
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