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Gillette flat bottom English tech.

Can anyone tell me whereabouts in England these razors were made? I mainly use the FOCS but for the last week I’ve been getting very good one pass shaves with this previously neglected gem. Now I know why so many men used them daily for life.
image.jpgIt won’t ever replace my FOCS and your handle but it’s a cracking razor thats been in a draw for 10 + years. If I use a steep angle with it and a Permasharp blade the results are fantastic. I’ve got a Razorock ufo handle on the way and a 1950’s postwar head to pick up from my brother.

Thanks for the picture Cal.
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I have two - one I use with a Bulldog handle and the other with the stock Fat Handle. The different handles give a significantly different feel to the shave, but the end result, with both, is much the same - superb. The Fat Handle one I had replated in rhodium, so it's a bit of a looker too.
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