Gillette Fatboy, initial impressions

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    Today was my first use of the Gillette Fatboy. Wow! I have to say I am impressed.

    The Fatboy is a great razor and I definitely see what the hype is about. I will compare it to the Slim and the red tip super speed, the nearest I have used. I used the fatboy on setting 3 for the whole shave and used my go-to blade, the Sharp Star by Rapira.

    1. The Fatboy is undoubtedly heavier! Allowing the weight to carry the razor, I feel, allowed for a more efficient shave and less of a tendency to press down.

    2. The larger head gives it a slightly different angle. It is subtle, but that little bit seemed to correct my technique all around.

    3. I found it smoother than both the slim and the red tip. I don't know if the altered angle or possibly thicker safety bar (???) made this possible, but I had the least amount of irritation I have had since I started DE shaving, hands down!

    4. I did NOT find it less maneuverable than the Slim as some have said. Nor did I find the shave identical, as some have also said. I found fatboy to be very different in the feel of the shave.

    5. I found it more efficient, rather than more aggressive that the other Gillettes.

    6. I had no trouble at all shaving under my nose.

    7. My only complaint is that it was a little more awkward in the hand. I have a deformed right hand that has a little less strength than most people's and the razor will take some getting used to. But in exchange for its benefits the fatboy is definitely worth it.

    8. Why do we have to call it a "fatboy"? I get that it is bigger, but I think we could come up with something better. It's like "wet shaving". I wish we could come up with a better word for that too. Of course it's "wet", what else would it be? I don't know why we feel the need to say so every time. But that ship has sailed long ago, I guess so has "fatboy".

    Anyway. I love the razor at first use. I will post more about my impressions as I get accustomed to it later on down the line. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Great review of a traditional shaving CLASSIC! Congrats!
  2. ackvil

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    You can call it by its original name: "The Gillette 195 Adjustable Razor." When I bought my first new razor it was advertised by its correct name.

    I have no idea how the name Fat Boy started. In fact, the first time I heard the time Fat Boy uses I never heard of the name Fat Boy used was when I joined B&B!
  3. Great razor!! Congratulations!! :a14::a14::a14:
  4. I read online today that it is likely the name Fatboy came from the Gillette internal staff after the Slim was invented. "Fatboy" was used to refer to the old model versus the new "Slim". There is supposedly a letter from someone inside Gillette written around 1960 where the author specifically uses the term. It was probably an old school reference to the Atomic bombs, fat man and little boy.

    So if it's a name coming from the inventors themselves we are stuck with "fatboy" permanently!

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  5. Yep! This is the the place where the majority of traditional wet shaving myths (or possibly all of them) were born.
    Same as SR, aggressive (disgusting definition, by the way!) and so on...

    Hey, you can turn of your Tapatalk signature off. Will be much more legible then
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    super report! fatboy is great!

    aqua velva colgate soap gillette fatboy jan 14 2014-7937s.jpg
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    This is from Gillette (and the Mr. Razor website):



    The instructions for the Slim were similar. I could find no place where Gillette called any of its razors Fat Boy or Slim. In fact, the following is the only reference to a Slim - and it was not an adjustable.
  8. Glad you're enjoying the fat boy, for some reason the adjustable razors just don't get a long with me. Initially I thought it was the butterfly type that didn't get along, but I recently acquired one of the 40's style super speeds, and it is a wonderfully smooth and comfortable shave.
  9. So it's just something somebody made up, huh?
  10. In order to communicate it is necessary to become familiar with the language. If folks here used "the Gillette 195 Adjustable Razor" it would not only take longer to type, but many would have no idea to what was being referenced.
  11. Just shaved with mine this morning. Loaded up a fresh spoiler, and used what the puck barbershop. Have been using a schick o clone from ebarbershop for a weeks or so, as I just got it. The Fatboy on 9 with a spoiler, for me, can’t be beat. Fast, efficient, smoooooth. Congrats and enjoy the shaves!!!
  12. Congrats to you too! I officially have too many razors now, but I feel I chose the right ones! One for every mood I guess. It didn't feel complete without the fatboy, but maybe my RAD can take a break now. I am sure I am not the only one to say that. But at least they're a good investment and healthier than a lot other vices
  13. The Fatboy or 195 was my first razor, near as I recall after 50 or so years. I've still got several, a couple cased, a couple brassy the latter are on my sink, always, and in my travel dopp.

    Seems I recall it cost $1.95 way back when .. also I recall being berated by a mod here, some grisly eons ago, for using that nomenclature
  14. Really? Wow! Very cool that you had them for that long. Which terminology got you berated, fatboy or 195?
  15. I should look for the post, seems that it was the 195 designation .. at the time, and this was before Stan at ATT invented the machined SS razor, the Fat Boy was the Bomb ..

    Still is for me, if I had to strip everything out, a 195 would be the last pried from me hands
  16. The ATT razors do look great, though I wonder whether there will come a point where I pay $185-$200 for a razor. I am definitely a vintage gillette proponent and the fatboy is probably as good as it gets for me. That's what is satisfying to me at this point in my life and I feel lucky to have what I have.

    I have wondered just what you get for that kind of ATT price. It seems like something incredibly well made that can be coveted; though I would wonder if the shave quality matches the material and the price tag. I have heard other people say no, the luxury is in knowing the quality is top notch, not necessarily how it functions as a tool. It sounds more like art to me than a razor, but that's a good a reason as any to purchase it. I am glad I can get that sort of feeling from historical razors rather than very expensive ones.
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    Have a mint cased 59 and a beautiful 60 Fatboy and they will never leave the collection or the rotation. They are truly my favourite adjustables...though my 69 Super 88 Adjustable is right up there.
  18. That's what the forum acronyms and abbreviations are!:
    Gillette 195 Adjustable Razor = G195AR

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