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Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary


Well gents, this one won't take as long as the last one. Godfather decided to send me a near-mint Fatboy for cleanup:laugh:

This razor is a '59 E2 Fatboy. The razor is in excellent condition! The only flaws with it are some small black spots in the blade bed, some paint loss on the collet below the adjuster knob, and some very minute plating loss on the collet itself. The plating loss was found with a magnifying glass so it won't constitute any repairs. Here are the before shots of the razor: (the after shots won't be much different)

$uploadfromtaptalk1405990291472.jpg $uploadfromtaptalk1405990304766.jpg $uploadfromtaptalk1405990313846.jpg
And now the head assembly comes out and apart. Pretty clean in here!
$uploadfromtaptalk1405992255218.jpg $uploadfromtaptalk1405992270307.jpg

I'll Bath the parts in the ultrasonic cleaner and head to a light polish.
Are you using Brasso or bug juice :lol:
:laugh: nope! everyday before the mast so far has been "Neverdull" It does a nice job but without gloves it sure makes light work of turning your hands black!:sob:

*edit* I actually like the bug juice mix, it doesn't taste that bad...maybe I am just used to it:bored:
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Wow very cool! I wasn't expecting it to be so clean :). Very nice so far Capt. Were you shocked it was that clean inside? I wonder if those spots will come off the inside of the head. Thank you again!
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Thanks Michael. I wasn't surprised, the razor was very clean on the outside and it worked smoothly so I suspected clean innards as well.

I just got done polishing the pieces and the black spots came off. Underneath the black spots are tiny areas of plating that has come off. Not sure why it turned black in the past but it's gone now and very unnoticeable. Pictures to follow.
There's always a way to tell if a Fatboy has been taken apart before...evidence suggests that this one has not been previously.
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