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    In the early 60's my Dad used this razor. I have decided to start using a safety razor and today I used this razor. My impression was the razor was heavy and the short handle, but the shave was so much better than the plastic crap I have used. I will never get rid of it, but is this a razor for a newbie or should I look at something else?
  1. A good starter razor. You can get the desired aggressiveness from almost no cut to very aggressive. Start with a low setting like 2 or 3 and as your skill increases dial her/him up.
  2. the fatboy is my favorite razor :001_smile
  3. I think it's perfect. You started with one of the best. And it's a special heirloom! IMO, you couldn't ask for better!

    The weight is something most of us actually chase after. This is because you can use the weight to pull the razor down gently. And with the ability to change the aggressiveness of the shave, I think you're set up perfectly for the journey. If I had to only choose one razor, it would be the Fatboy.

    If you want to experiment with something else down the line, I don't think any of us would call you crazy. Just know that many razors, MOST razors; are a step down from what you have.

    Best of luck!
  4. Great razor!! And nice to be able to use a family heirloom!! :a14::a14::a14:
  5. A good razor for sure.
    I prefer the Slim tbh. A longer handle & thinner head profile means it's more ergonomic for me.
  6. Welcome to the club. Glad to have you aboard.
  7. My next razor with be either the Fat Boy or Slim
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    First, welcome to B&B.

    The Fat Boy, or Gillette Adjustable, was the first razor I bought new when I first started shaving a "few" :001_rolle years ago. It is an excellent first razor, IMHO, as long as you don't fiddle with the adjustments until your technique is good. I usually recommend you choose a setting such as 3 and complete your shave. Try that for a few shaves and then you can adjust upwards or downwards depending on your beard.
  9. It is a fine first razor. It is a fine last razor, too.

  10. Congratulations on having your dads razor. The Fatboy is an outstanding razor, & even more so since you have your fathers. You will get many wonderful shaves with that razor.
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    Congratulations, it really could be the only razor that you will ever need. Adjustable and an heirloom to boot.
  12. Welcome to the forum !!
  13. +1 :a4:
  14. I don't have a Fatboy but I know that it's a good one. Especially the heirloom. Congrats a keep going you will love it. Welcome to B&B
  15. The fat boy will be my next razor. Welcome
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    Welcome to the forum!

    What he said ^^^^^
  17. Welcome to B&B.
    It is a razor for beginner or exprienced shaver so no need to look elsewhere. It will give you a great shave but you may want to get a blade sampler to find the best blades for you. The handle is about standard for a DE razor but check the Shave Wiki for good shaving technique.
  18. Fatboys are one of my favourites, especially cool that it’s an heirloom.

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