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Gillette Fat Boy so over priced. WHY?

Uh Oh just bought a 1960 F Fatboy on Ebay. It was in immaculate condition. Didn't have the case.

I payed $85.00 but it had detailed pics and was just so Mint.

All the others that were in that price range or lower had tarnish and scratches. Used are common but mint aren't. This was darned close to new.

I just had to have it. Sigh..
Of you look at today razors that build like the Fatboy they all priced at 60-150 USD
I bought mine for 40$ and for me its worth every penny


i traded a new Futur that was gifted to me for a Fatboy. Hopefully a great deal for everyone involved.
In response to the OP I would say this. TTO razors are an amazing piece of design, engineering and manufacturing. The Fatboy, unlike many other TTO’s, has the right weight, balance and handle length for most users. In that regard it’s basically a TTO 34C that is also adjustable. Consequently it’s an extremely popular razor because it checks so many boxes. I count myself lucky to have one in near mint condition that belonged to my grandfather.
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They are a wonderful razor, enjoyed by many. To those that enjoy them I imagine they will say whatever they paid, it's worth it.
They cost what they cost because you can't buy that kind of quality in a mass produced razor any longer and we are willing to pay it.
I have three modern razors, a Rockwell 6S and Model T as well as a Feather AS-D2. I also have four Gillette adjustables, a FB, Slim, Super 84 & 109. The FB & Slim have just been re-plated by Chris. Even factoring in the cost of the re-plate, the all-in cost of the FB is about the same as any of the modern razors.
I said all of that to say this, the re-plate was done because I wanted to, not because it really needed it. It was a perfectly functional daily driver, shaves as good or better than the new ones in my rotation and still boggles my mind that I was in diapers when it was new.
Yeah. It’s what keeps me from buying one. I was able to get a Gillette slim for decent price but don’t want to spend my time “hunting” for a fatboy deal. They seem overpriced to me but then again I’ve never shaved wit one.
Fat Boys are desired by some shavers and are collectible, so they can be priced and sell on the high side, especially when the hype is running high.

When I first got into DE shaving many moons ago, someone had said that Gillette Super Speed TV Specials were the best shavers out of all the Super Speeds. Why? I have no idea, because the only difference is the knurled pattern on the handle. Simple hype.
Its a classic and an iconic razor.
I have one but prefer the Red Tip
It is a marvel though. I use mine a few blades a year.
I used to haunt antique stores & flea markets and in one troll snagged a great condition Red Tip. In a weak moment and looking at the pile I'd built up I sold it off. I used it often and liked it a lot and now don't know why I did not keep it?