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Gillette E3 1959 Black handle Superspeed

I picked up a Black handle silver turn knob dated E3 1959. Its in good condition and I only paid a buck but wanted to know if it had any extra value. I can not find one like it. They are all dated late 60s early 70s. Thanks.
There was only one known 1959 model and it is worth at least double what you paid for it. That razor was used to shave John Kennedy for the TV Debates during the 1960 Presidential Election. Richard Nixon refused to try it and stuck with his plain nickle plated Super Speed. It's claimed that Kennedy's clean shave versus Nixon's 5 o'clock shadow was the biggest reason Kennedy was elected.

The only known example was sent to the Kennedy Presidential Library but was lost in the mail. Rumors of it being found in attics and at flea markets have been common.
A Black handle with an E date code sounds more like an 84. Much harder to find. Do you have any pics?
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