Gillette ball end handle fix, I know it's not a brush!

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by GAW9576, Apr 30, 2019.

    My friend picked up a Gillette ball end old type with a handle that was badly cracked on 2 spots. He asked me to make a custom acrylic tube for it. I just have to glue it up now with some 2 part epoxy. I know this isn't a brush but I don't believe we have a safety razor restoration area on the site, I think this fits in here better than the straight razor section.


    20190430_165955.jpg 20190430_165835.jpg
  1. troy

    troy Ambassador

    Very cool! I love that you left the patina on the silver, nice marriage of old and modern! Is the length the same as it was? I would have shortened it a hair if it were mine, but I know other would have lengthened it.
  2. Looks good. Very nicely done.

    Out of curiosity I am curious if that material would work and look good with a texture like the original had. Seeing that just made me think. In my mind I would think even with the texture you could still polish the top of the texture. After seeing the handle you made I got to thinking. Just curious your thoughts on it. Ive never made anything let alone something like that.
  3. Very cool! Haven't seen a handle tube replaced like that before.
  4. Thank you.
    A slight lengthening. But only slight. If I make myself one it will be a bit longer yet. I shave the back of my own neck frequently and the extra length would make for a little less contortionism. I quite like the patina also and I believe my who I made this for plans on keeping the patina.

    Thank you.
    I would have to get the proper files and learn the technique. I would like to try this some day. It most certainly could be done, however with the contour of this handle I believe it would have to be all hand filled.

    Thank you.
    I offered to try a repair on the original handle, however my friend has several other Items I have turned and wanted a custom made center section.
  5. Beautifully done.
  6. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Beautiful work. That is really neat. I like it a lot.
  7. Well done! Very creative. I wouldn't have thought of using material like that. Awesome result!
  8. Thats really nice. Great way to rescue cracked handles. Did you cast the resin? I want to try it soon and am curious how you'd get the lines of white to be so neat and solid.
  9. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    Sweet !
  10. Thank you everyone.

    I didn't make this blank. I have made a few things with linen and fiberglass resin though.
    I believe the white line is sort of a ribbon that is placed in the mold then the resin is poured in. Depending on the resin used you could use all sorts of things in it for design elements. The ribbon could be placed in after possibly. I haven't seen this done it's just a semi educated guess based on a lot of videos I've watched on resin casting.
  11. I finished another razor handle for my friend. I believe this one is for one of his larger catchers.

  12. Pretty cool, the contrast between the old & new leaves the vintage look but gives a nice sleek modern appeal as well. Nicely done!

    Ribbon blanks are a PITA to make IME, they’re one of a very few I prefer to by rather than make myself. Most don’t come out all that good.

    Did you use mica or dye for the second handle?
  13. Graydog

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    Very Nice Greg , that ribbon is really cool
  14. Thank you. These are both acrylic blanks I got at woodcraft from the barging bin, they where half size pen blank cut offs. I've never made acrylic blanks, just a few micarta ones.
    My friend asked for acrylics for easy care. It doesn't turn as easy as wood but the finishing is easier.

    Thank you. They where both fun projects, I'm glad people like them.
  15. Gotya. I asked because you have a nice finish for an entirely black blank, which shows every micro scratch there is. I’ve found that dyed ones aren’t as bad as using black mica, and with your finish and it being bought I’m convinced it’s dyed. Nice job, black is the worst color to get a great finish on and you’ve got a nice shine line without visible scratches. You did your work on that one.
  16. Beautiful pieces. You and @Graydog and @CigarSmoka never fail to amaze me with your talent! Well done!

  17. Thanks guys. This was an interesting blank it had a texture to it that reminded me of fine graphite in the acrylic, It also squeaked a lot like the rim of a wine glass when I was sanding and polishing. Being from the bargain bin I only know it is an acrylic pen blank cut off.
    I went through micro meshes up to 12,000 grit wet sanding powered and unpowered then MAAS polish. Had to go back to 4,000 and back up again. I'm very critical of my own work, I really appreciate when people who know notice the finer details.
  18. You’re welcome sir! It’s always good to see when somebody doesn’t settle for “good enough”, which rarely is. I sand the same way, power on then power off sanding from side to side to remove all the radial lines before moving to the next grit. It’s the only way to get a glass-like finish. I’m pretty sure the “squeaking” is due to very slight vibration causing harmonics, probably magnified by the brittle nature of acrylic acetate.
  19. @CigarSmoka I'm sure you are right about the harmonics, it was just interesting I don't remember ever hearing it before.
    And it's sad that more products aren't made with the attention to detail that used to go into many of our antique razors and other products there age. Most things are made disposable nowadays. I try to make things that will last and that people will care about enough to make them last. I have a feeling you are the same way.

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