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Gillette adjustables and blade gap

At 2:50 in, the gentleman in this video states that with a Gillette adjustable, a fatboy in this case, the blade gap will be different on both sides of the razor on a setting higher or lower than 5. Has anyone found this to be the case?

I had 3 Fatties, and 3 slims. I wouldn't say they varied significantly from side to side. Any TTO razor, if knocked around, will get out of whack. While I straightened most of those adjustables to some extent, I wouldn't agree that "most vary from side to side".
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Gap should be the same on both sides, regardless of adjustment point. If not, head is not square to the handle.
I have a Slim and a Black Beauty and never noted anything like that.

That Fatboy probably has some mechanical problem, for sure.
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