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Gillette Adjustable Questions

Hi all,

Well, my shaves have been fantastic since getting my Gillette DE. I look forward now to my morning shave and am working towards better technique. I still have the Fusion on the shelf for shaving my head, but will start working up to shaving it with my DE.

I have two questions for the community:

1. How often do you clean your razors? I spent a hour or so a week ago making it look great, but am noticing the scum building up on it already.:bored:

2. Do you flip your blades over? I have the Derbys and noticed the numbering system on them and was wondering if I should be flipping the blade over during the week it's in my razor.:confused:

Thanks in advance!


I use one DE per week. I don't rotate several at a time. Normally, I replace the blade on Sunday, and when I do, I give the razor (NOT the blade) a light buffing with a old toothbrush and a couple of drops of Soft Scrub w/Bleach (the bleach is already in the product, I don't add it). I mix the Soft Scrub 50/50 with water.

As far as flipping the blade, only when I "flip" it into my storage container for later disposal. I seriously doubt that flipping the blade during the week would increase your number of shave more than one, if even that. It's your face, and DE blades are cheap. Be extravagant on this item.


Great to read that you're enjoying your shaves ..., flipping the blade, absolutely no need. Those numbers I think are there for QC reasons.

Cleaning the razor ...., a razor is a practical tool and a little soap scum won't harm it. Just rinse it through after each shave and maybe give it a bit of a scrub with an old tooth-brush when you change the blade (once a week?).

Over-cleaning using (even slight) abbrassives will damage the finish eventually so it is best not to be too anal about having a shiny razor:smile:

I've just ordered an ultrasonic sterilising unit. Anybody have any experience witth these? I am planning on using it as is, without any detergent, to clean my razors every fortnight prior to an ozone bath. Any opinions on this proposal?
I find that putting mine in the top rack of the dishwasher on the weekend works just fine.

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