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Gillette Adjustable....Questions.

Hi Folks

Got my hands on a Gillette adjustable...short handled and heavy. I have a couple of questions, which hopefully you can answer.

I currently use a Futur comfortably on setting 4. Can anyone suggest a setting for the Gillette which would give roughly equivalent results?

I believe that Gillette razors can be dated as to their year of manufacture. This particular one has no markings apart from country of origin and patent details. If I am missing something....I would appreciate a pointer in the correct direction.

IMO it is not an apples to apples comparison. Even though they are both double-edges they are very different animals and I don't think you can compare them at any setting. I actually wrote at length about this very topic on SMF.


My advice would be to start low and gradually move up until you find a setting or settings that give you the results you're looking for.

As to your date question, yes there is a letter and number code that will give you both the year and quarter of manufacture. Forinstance, if your razor is "E2" it was made 2Q 1959. The date letter is stamped in the upper left corner on the underside of the head (when viewed right-side up.) The quarter number is in the opposite corner. This web site has a list of all the codes.

Many thanks Brett.

I had actually discovered the geocities site a few minutes before you posted.

Yes ....I have found the date code...... although in this case...the letter and number are engraved on the underside very close to the handle. Mine would appear to be 1st quarter 1959.

Will take your advice on the setting. I have some European gillette blades on order, and I will wait until I have the set!

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