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FS Gillette #77 set RFB (replated)

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For sale is an English Gillette #77 set. The two-piece RFB razor was replated in its original silver by Chris at Razorplate. It includes the original bakelite case, which is in excellent condition, along with two blade holders that came with the set, and two vintage blades.

Asking $140 via PayPal, which includes CONUS shipping.

Now, for the background on this set...

This razor is my absolute favorite. It was my daily driver for more than five years. I tried many other vintage and modern shavers, but nothing could surpass the RFB's smooth efficiency. Then, one dark day, my wife confessed that she had knocked it off the bathroom counter onto our tile floor while cleaning. It must have hit in just the wrong the way because a corner tooth was bent. It still shaved perfectly, but for me, looking at that bent tooth was like seeing a mustache painted on the Mona Lisa.

So I shipped it off to the go-to guy for razor repair, Capt. Murphy. He did a great job putting the tooth back into place. But to do so, he had to heat the baseplate. This destroyed some of the silver plating. In for a penny, in for a pound... I then shipped to Chris at Razorplate, to ask him to work his replating magic.

I think the razor looks great now. The silver plating is dazzling. The tooth repair is noticeable, but you have to look pretty hard, imo. I've tried to show it in the fourth photo. The repaired tooth is on the lower left.

You may be wondering why I'm selling this razor if it's my favorite. While the repair and replating were happening, I tried using a few other razors, but they weren't doing it for me. Luckily, I was able to find and buy the same model RFB to use while the other was in the shop. I'm not a collector. I don't need two of the same razor. So I'm selling the extra.

I hope the new owner enjoys this razor as much as I have.


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