Gillette 55 red tip

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    A very nice red tip arrived today. A 55 A2. I have a 55 A2 regular superspeed. I feel the 55 razors we're better built than the later ones. Thicker metal on the handle .I did not find it aggressive. Very similar to my Diplomat and Aristrocat. Wonderful shave .One of my favorites for sure!
  1. I was wondering how those were. I don't need terribly aggressive. I use my Fat Boy on 3 most of the time. I have been looking for a B4 red tip. Im watching one right now on the auction.
  2. I have an A-4 that Chris replated. I really enjoyed that razor. Now I cannot bring myself to crud it up.

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  3. Pwheeler grab one. I would say it's the same as a 6 on a fatboy. But the red tip is not as heavy. Take your time and use no pressure. Wonderful shave. The other day using a slim on 5 I forgot to lock it down. Ha! No cuts but i think I removed a skin layer before I caught it. That is aggressive for sure.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! :a14::a14::a14:
  5. Congrats on an excellent razor! I am a big Red Tip fan. :001_smile
  6. I also have an A2. Great razor.

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  7. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for one. I don't know what it is about all the B4 red tips I've seen on Ebay, but most of them are really rough looking. A B2, B3, no problem. Must be us that were born in the 4th quarter of 56 that are rough on stuff.
  8. I got a Gillette Red Tip 55 A4 today and shaved with it tonight. Loaded it with a Shark Super Chrome blade and got a terrific shave.
  9. Astra SP for me!
  10. That's an interesting observation about the '55's being thicker metal. I had a '56 I gave to my son in law and I have a '59. I did not notice a difference in heft.
  11. My '56 has swiftly become my favorite razor, though the postwar Tech is mounting a stealth campaign to win the top spot. There is just something special about that knurled handle and that red twist knob.
  12. A3 vs D3 bottom IMG_20180731_094323.jpg
  13. Weight
    A3. 49.5 gram
    D3. 48.3 gram
    On above photo A3 is on the right
  14. I have an A, B and C; but the A seems to be a lot more aggressive than the other two. Anyone has noticed this?

    Or should I make sure its not bent or something wrong....
  15. I, too, have a Red Tip A-2. One of my all time favourite shavers.
  16. This is my fav. I use it nearly everyday.
  17. Interestingly my A model has a head 1-2mm longer. I clean them in an empty pill bottle w alcohol and this one does not fit OK. B and C go in and can spin. There is definitely a difference in how they shave...A is closer with more irritation. The others are OK but nothing to write home about.... I do not have calipers to check dimensions. I do like them all, but when I have long stubble (3+ days) chose an open comb to shave.

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