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Gillette 40's SS blade alignment issue or not ?

Hi, I just bought a canadian Gillette superspeed (X1) and i'm not sure if the blade alignement is good on it. What you guy think of the blade alignment on these picture ?


If it is slightly off it's so minimal that I can't imagine that it will affect the shave to any extent.
I just had to bend the bars on a wild Fatboy to get the doors to operate smoothly. Even now that the doors are working smoothly, the bars don't look perfect. But it doesn't seem to affect the shave at all. The Fatboy shaves me better than my Slim or my Y4 Superspeed, both of which have bars that are perfectly straight.

So I'm voting 'too picky'. :biggrin1: With the mechanicals working well, enjoy the shaves and don't worry about it. From the pictures, I can only convince myself that I see what you are seeing on one side.
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