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gift suggestions for a new razor

It's time for my family to provide each other gift suggestions. I'm thinking about asking for a new razor. My current "go to" is a 1961 Gillette Fatboy. I occasionally mix in a Gillette Slim or one of my Black Beauty razors. Other razors I own but rarely use are: Merkur Vision, QSHAVE Parthenon, Rockwell T2, Fatguy from Global Shave Club.

Those are all adjustable razors but the new one doesn't have to be adjustable but it should be a mild razor (I usually set the Fatboy to 3.) The shopping criteria: Shouldn't be more than $50 to $75 (US). Amazon is the best source for them to you, but not necessary.
Edwin Jagger DE89/Mühle 89 (same head) or the Merkur 34C are good mild razors. They have chrome plated alloy heads. If you want an all stainless steel razor, the Wet Shaving Club 'Merica and Razorock Lupo .58 are nice options.


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I would consider a RazoRock Lupo .72 SB or a RazorRock Game Changer .84 SB from Italian Barber.
There are some great razors being suggested here and you probably won't go wrong with any of them. That said, my suggestion would be the RazoRock Game Changer .68. The reasons are:
1. This is a quality razor that will outlive you if you take care of it.
2. It's at the low end of your budget.
3. If you want to experiment or fine tune it, there are several handles and other base plates that you get for very little money.
4. The .68 is a very mild shave.
Rockwell 6C, because should work for everybody (6plates). Avoid the gunmetal finish because it doesnt stay and gives an ugly uneven result.
I guess everybody can find a well working plate for them.
A "safe" but a bit boring choice ...

Otherwise the Razorock German 37 slant is quite good and works well, not "super"-mild though!
Reading you use the fatboy @3 I'd suggest
Mühle R89 (maybe the grande option with a bigger handle)
Merkur 34 c or g
Giesen und Forsthoff Timor with closed comb (if available in your region, german, Solingen made, very smooth)
Or maybe Pearl Shaving Flexi which is smooth dialed down
I received a Fatip Piccolo OC in gold as a gift. I am mightily impressed with its beautiful appearance, quality construction and shave quality. For $25 it’s an amazing value.
Another set of votes for the Leaf Twig (20% off right now) and GC 68. Both great modern razors. I want to try a Fatip soon.
Check out the Blackland Era before they are gone. Or Razorock stainless offerings as others have stated. Both exceptional value, you will pay the same for zamak elsewhere.
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