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GIANT Brushes?

What's the largest brush you'll use? Maybe it's big and poofy when splayed out. Maybe the handle is a chunk of rock. Maybe the hairs are 3" tall.
Maybe you bought it off Amazon after a few drinks and now it's just... there.

C'mon, what you got?
I got my girlfriend a big 30mm Whipped Dog synthetic, but the biggest of my own brushes is probably a Chubby 2, so about 27mm, and that's kind of huge for me. Normally, I find even 24mm brushes a bit too big and unwieldy, so my preferred size is 22mm, at least for badgers. (24mm boars seem less huge and out-of-control than 24mm badgers for some reason.)


My largest is a 26 mm 2-band: lovely knot but a bit large for me!

Aside from my Wee Scot, my other brushes are all 20-25 mm!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Haven’t met a brush big enough yet I won’t use it. Almost 39mm Shavemac 2-band D01 unique bulb, and a 37mm Shavemac 2-band D01 Unique fan are my largest. A joy to use!
I love it, Tho i only use it for creams, I'm not a fan of synths and never had any joy from them, I much prefer badger boar or horse, this is the first synth that will actually hold enough lather for 3 passes. Actually it is ok with MDC too.
I've got a 24mm Vigshaving brush. It whips up a fine lather, but it sucks up too mush suds. The same amount of soap that can do 4 passes with some lather leftover using a 20mm synthetic or horsehair brush, runs out after nearly 3 passes with the Vig.


I am not into measuring knots. I just buy a brush and use it. I do prefer smaller though. Like @nemo I don’t have a giant face. A giant belly maybe.
I do like the smaller brushes, but I also like the Pro boar brushes quite a bit, they generate and hold a lot of lather very easily. Smallest brush is around 21x46mm, biggest is around 28x60mm. I don't need to paint half of my face with one stroke, so I don't have any of the really huge ones.
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