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Getting Weird in Denver

Howdy all, well the title says it all! I am heading to Denver this weekend for a bachelor party and things may get a bit strange. Most of the itinerary is set, but I'd appreciate some insider information if you have any suggestions for something cool we can check out.

Be on the lookout for Sensimilla Shave soap. Don't know if it exists. Seems pot can go in most anything. I lived in Boulder for a couple years, but didn't spend much time in Denver.
Most people ask these days about all things, um, herbal. I'm no help there. But there is a fun winery in the RiNo district called Infinite Monkey Theorum worth checking out. I don't know how far south you'll be, but the best new(ish) brewery in CO is in Monument called Pikes Peak Brewing Co.
"Infinite Monkey Theorum"
I swear, these artisan wineries/breweries are just throwing random words against the wall like a plate of spaghetti just to see what sticks.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to lather up some Yeti Snot.
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